Steezy kiwi hardshell rooftop tent (Generation 2)

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The Generation 2 has changed the game for hardshell rooftop tents in New Zealand. This tent is built out of the highest quality materials, to a high standard, to create the best hardshell rooftop tent on the New Zealand market. To set up, open the two latches, push the top shell up (the gas struts do most of the work), then push out the telescopic pole to extent the rainfly and you will be set up for the night (takes 30 seconds). It is loaded with unique features, to enable the best camping adventure. Fully tested in our savage climate here in New Zealand. The tent is very large, enabling the extra long kiwi blokes to have a great night sleep.

Key Features-

- Double channel M8 system around the tent, enabling the accessories e.g. lights, awnings ect to attach to the tent easier and safer

- Thick 75mm mattress for a better sleeping experience with removable/washable cover

- 10mm anti-condensation mat under mattress, to prevent condensation build up and add comfort

- Room to store bedding and ladder while travelling, saving room in the vehicle

- USB LED light with dimming features lighting up the entire tent

- 2x air vents to allow fresh air to flow in

- Large internal mesh pocket (on the roof inside the tents) for coats, bags and other gear. Ideal for getting your gear out of the way, for more mattress space.

- 4 smaller storage pockets for phones, power banks ect.

- Sky window for star gazing and allowing natural light to pour in

- Soft felt material on the internal roof for more comfort

- Shoe bag to hang shoes outside tent, allowing you to keep dirty shoes out, and up off the ground

- Insect mesh for ventilation on all doors and windows

- Internal weight capacity 300 kg

- Fully waterproof enabling dry night sleeps

- The canvas is completely removable/replaceable (zips off) if it was to become damaged.

- extra large window for panoramic views

-Four attachment points per roof rack, enabling them to have a maximum weight of 100kg. M8 system on top of racks for attachments e.g. ladder holder, snowboard racks, bike racks. Racks also come with eye bolts. (Roof-racks are sold separately)


Dimensions - 

Weight - 73kg

Ladder- 2.3m telescopic

mattress - 1350mm (W) x 2070mm (L) x 75mm thick (plus 10mm anti-condensation mat)

Tent (closed)-1450mm (W) x 2250mm (L) x 220mm (H) (260mm with racks) 

Tent (open)- 1450mm (W) x 2250mm (L) 1670 mm highest point when open 




Shell - Fully aluminium to make it light, strong and prevent any risk of rust. Rivetless external roof to prevent any leaks over time (really important for the serious 4x4 people who send it). All black powder coated, to prevent any corrosion build up. 

Zippers-  High quality Japanese YKK zippers (flow extremely smooth).

Canvas - Waterproof 280 gsm ripstop canvas walls, with anti mold (PU) coating.

Seams - Silicone taped for complete waterproofness

Gas Struts - 304 stainless with 400N force (can handle the most pressure when compared to other Hardshells on the New Zealand market). 6x fixing points per gas strut to prevent them slipping over time..

Ladder - High quality 2.3m telescopic ladder, with option for storing inside tent.

Rainfly- 600D poly-oxford fabric with a TPU clear sky window (thick tape seems to prevent any leaking) 


Installing information

 The minimum distance between the front and back roof rack should be no more than 1100mm, and both the roof racks and vehicle should have a minimum dynamic load rating of 100kg. Please check with your vehicle manufacturer that the roof is suitable to handle the weight. These tents generally aren't suited for smaller cars, however our soft shells are. This tent can not be mounted to both the cab and canopy of a ute, as the Ute will flex, resulting in damaging the tent.

Why the Steezy Kiwi Rooftop Tents?

Steezy Kiwi rooftop tents have gained a reputation for being strong, waterproof, reliable and very practical. With extremely fast set up and take down when compared to other brands, this tent will always have your back. No matter where you end up for whatever reason, you are always 5 minutes away from comfortable, safe and dry accomodation.

360 degree views

Mosquito window at rear end of tent, for full panoramic views however you end up parking. Can be folded down and zipped up to close window

Large curved windows

Designed to leave no view unseen while relaxing in the tent. Curved design also gives better resistance to rain, snow and wind when compared to square windows.

Under tent pole bag

Practical pole bag under tent, for faster access and keeping them together.

Under tent Utility net

Designed for maximum storage and to keep items off the ground. Also perfect for drying and/or keeping gear out of harsh weather.

Four spring poles holding rainfly on

More sturdier and able to handle significantly more wind, rain and snow (when compared to two spring poles)

Strong Japanese YKK Zips

Created for smooth zipping, and built to last (not convinced, check the zip brand on your 30 year old Swanndri, grandads canvas tent or your quality tramping jacket, they are always YKK). We haven't cut costs, using un-reliable zipper brands.


Extra thick tent poles (25mm not 16mm) for added strength and reliability. Also have fabric on them which prevents condensation build up. Also curved poles to prevent rainwater pooling on the roof.


Double stitched and taped seams for extreme waterproofness and strength

Shoe Bags

Two large shoe bags with weather flap. Enables you to keep your shoes handy and dry when climbing in and out of the tent.

Travel cover straps

Unique straps for rolling up the travel cover, keeping it dry and out of the way when tent is open.

Two air vents

Hidden under the rainfly and fully waterproof, designed to let fresh air in and reduce condensation

Side flaps on rainfly

Enabling you to open the front window during poor weather, protecting you from rain/snow or wind. Has window that can be rolled down for added privacy.

quick release clips on rainfly

For quick removal and quick drying of rainfly.

Removable mattress protector

Ideal for washing after being on the road for weeks.

Four internal tent pockets

Designed to help you manage your contents, while inside the tent. Prevents them getting lost amongst the sheets.

Universal mounting system

Enabling the tent to fit onto most roof racks up to 10 cm wide.

Star gazing roof window

Perfect to fall asleep looking at the stars, rain, trees or just adding extra light into the tent. The window can be fully zipped up. The thick, clear PVC is fully waterproof and extra thick taped seems does not let any water seep through, in any storm conditions.

PVC travel cover

Extra thick travel cover, to keep the folded down tent dry for long periods of time, in any conditions.

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